Angry Bird (Taken with instagram

Date: August 1st 2011.


I have embarked on yet another daunting journey. 

My Journey for a Home: Uganda-Kenya-South Africa- Houston- San Francisco

My love for travel has led me to some very interesting places, some of which have been purely for vacation and others have been for living. My last move (Houston-San Francisco) may have seemed a little abrupt, but it has been on my mind for the past 2 years.

Houston was a city that slowly grew on me, but I wanted more. I took this picture to remember my journey, I stripped all color from the photo because this day was one with no joy.

My new adventures will continue in San Francisco, a city that I fell in love with as a kid, and most recently as an adult trying to find my dreams. My excitement will resume, but leaving behind my Brother, Mom and Friends was a challenging decision.

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