The same company behind the technology that allows bank customers to deposit checks by camera phone is entering the healthcare business.

Mitek Systems, Del Mar, Calif., is now offering its mobile imaging technology through an API so smartphone app developers can automate paper-based processes. Obviously, healthcare has many such processes.

The new Mitek Mobile Imaging Cloud, which runs on the Amazon Cloud, captures images through smartphone cameras, extracts data from each image, populates forms and forwards the information to appropriate channels. Suitable healthcare documents might include paper prescriptions, physician superbills, insurance forms and patient history forms, according to DeBello, because they represent such tedious processes.

(via How camera phones can automate healthcare | mobihealthnews) Interesting that smartphones might be able to shield patients and health care personel from paperwork and administration. This is however an example of how innovative technologies are being used to decrease the negative effect of an already broken system. The important roles of smart phones when it comes to health care will rather be that of support for personal, distributed and mobile health care outside hospitals and traditional health care processes. People will instead use smartphones for connecting with each other and discuss treatments and sharing knowledge. The smart phones will also be vehicles for numerous apps and personal medical equipment that people will buy and use without contacting any doctor or hospital. Medical personal will most likely use smart phones to connect directly to each other in order to solve problems and bypass more and more of the administrative burden which is today hindering much of the medical work.

Smartphones & Healthcare: The Elimination of Tedious Paperwork & Administration.


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