Do you find yourself hesitating before clicking on Facebook’s “Like” button? You are not alone. Brands on Facebook look for: Social Media Fans Brand Advocates Facebook Users “Like” because: Young Consumers- “Like” brands as a form of expression/identity.  Older Consumers- “Like” brands with the hope that there will be a value-added reward. The Sad Stats: 54% of FB users expect brands to bombard them with messages or ads. 45% of FB users don’t want to give brands access to their profile information. 31% of FB users don’t want to push content from a Brand into their Friends’ news feeds. Therefore, brand connections on Facebook are diminishing. The explosion of Social Media has brought with it so many positive aspects, such as, people are able to make connections on multiple platforms. However, invasion of privacy has become a concern which is causing people to build up barriers between themselves and Brands. Consumers are beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the information that springs up on their screens, which begs the question, where should brands draw the line? Do you have any great examples of a brand on Facebook, which has managed to inform, reward and surprise you without being a burden to your social status? I’m still thinking of one.

The Consequences of the “Like” Button: Brands on Facebook


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