In the world of marketing/branding “gender targeting” is not a new concept. Visually, men and women are divided by color. Think pink. Think black. The “Diet” category has, in the past, been more targeted towards women, however, the last few years have seen more products within this category shifting towards including men. Dark colors like Black are being used to lure men in. Example 1 Dr. Pepper 10 Tagline: ”It’s not for women” Demographic: 16-25 Male The tagline does not beat around the bush, but the brand took things further by using a gunmetal gray can with illustrated bullet holes. Example 2 Coke Zero In 2006 Coke Zero was launched, it was a product created for “calorie-conscious” men, who may have been embarrassed about diet products. Black was used in the packaging to add some attitude, pride and power. Example 3 Kotex U Brand of Tampons Despite being a product for women, Kotex is not new to “thinking outside of the box” (pun intended). This is the brand that used a red flower, which looked like a spot of blood, on the front of their previously-white package. More recently, Kotex uses black boxes which I must say, are pretty cool looking. Why the black? Girlfriends/wives were asking their significant others to pick up their tampons from the grocery store; the black spares the men embarrassing looks. Really? Colors are all around you, keep an eye out on personal hygiene products such as Nivea, Dove & L’Oreal, these big brands are flooding the markets and aisles with “man-friendly” darker products. 

Consumer Packaged Goods: Gender Targeting & The Power of Color in Marketing


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