Fast Company: “Striking It Rich In The App Store: For Developers, It’s More Casino Than Gold Mine”. Appillionaires: (Definition) “Smart, ambitious dreamers in bedrooms and garages across the world, plotting the future of mobile apps”- Chris Stevens. Stats: $250 million gets spent at the App Store every month. $10 billion apps have been sold on the store to date. 540 apps are submitted for review everyday. The success of the iPod & iPhone has helped Apple gain credibility; the media constantly focuses on apps that are popular with consumers, but the failures fade away into the dark. Why is the App Store so popular? Developers seem to enjoy the psychological lure of uncertainty; its thrilling. Daniel Markham calls this “App Store Roulette” which shares similarities with dating.  The chance of success is exciting (Does he like me?), and the fear of failure is ever-present but not a strong enough obstacle. “The Appillionaire buzz is more powerful than anything on the streets. It’s a hugely enjoyable sense of excitement mixed with satisfaction, but it is a disgusting sight to behold: a man cradled in the arms of his own ego being rocked to sleep.” – Chris Stevens App developers are severely optimistic, there is a gap between building an app & the “potential” reward, the latter being the main focus. Creating a high-quality app is difficult, but the real challenge comes in maintaining its success (in sales). There is so much competition and staying on top relies on multiple factors. Conclusion: Apple has succeeded in making programming super-cool, we’re all talking about apps and we’re all taking down developers’ numbers.

App Developers & Gambling: The Successes, Failures & Similarities.


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