My Point of View

The Future of Retail Innovation: Pop-Up Store & Art Gallery

A glimpse of the display

TNW: “A Startup Store Launches In Beta: Retail May Never Be The Same” by Courtney Boyd Myers.

Who: Rachel Shechtman (Retail Consultant) whose clients include: Gilt Groupe, Toms Shoes, Bliss Spa, AOL.

What: Launching a new startup (no name yet) which will have a monthly exhibition, the concept of the store will combine Pop-Up & Art Gallery. The first exhibition will feature 6 NYC start-ups that sell to online consumers:

  • Birhbox
  • Bauble Bar
  • Quirky
  • Joor
  • Artspace


When: Official launch will be Feb 1 201. The store will open up as a “love” story.

Where: 10th Avenue & 19th Street NYC (Not Surprised, 5 more stories to come!)

Promotions: Daily parties (free champagne- Oh hell yes!) and trunk shows.

The Role of Social Media: Check in with Foursqaure & get a mystery gift. Its time to really reward your consumers for making an effort.

Future of Retail: (According to Rachel Shechtman)

  • Consumption with a high emphasis on content & community
  • Untapped platform for advertisers (sponsorship) with the opportunity for great exposure.

Watch that space!


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