Insightful and invaluable advice from Jon Steel.


Title: “7 Points On Planning by Jon Steel of WPP” by Tom E 

  • Be useful. The real value of a planner is problem solving and coming up with simple solutions. Cleverness is simply a means to an end.
  • Bring out the best in other people. Act as a catalyst for others by providing the conditions for informed creative thought.
  • Be a linchpin, not only between people but also between brands and the audience they connect with.
  • Have a deep understanding of human motivations and instincts.
  • Have an experience of real life. Get out of the office to experience the real world and understand the people you want to experience.
  • Create a working timetable both within and outside the office to best generate ideas and insights.
  • Whether analogue or digital, the main task of any planner is understanding basic human communication.