Interactive map of the internet’s underwater paths

Ever wondered how your email can cross the vastness of the ocean and be delivered almost instantly, anywhere in the world? It’s all down to a network of fibre-optic cables that link up the continents and transmit terabits of data every second.

Yes, yes I always did wonder about this. —Wright

#Communication across oceans.

Founder of Digg Kevin Rose launches Foundation


Foundation is a new site dedicated to a monthly video series of interviews with the founder of Digg Kevin Rose talking to influential founders in the tech community. There are a few videos up already with Jack Dorsey co-founder of Twitter, Chris Sacca who is a start-up investor and founder of Lowercase Capital, Dennis Crowley co-founder of Foursquare and more.

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Foundation: A Video Series Site



An Inside Look Into The Warehouses (video)

The following are a few videos that offer a peek into the fulfillment centers behind the website.

Full Story: Singularity Hub

#Amazon: Behind the Scenes